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Industrial Cryogenic tank painting & coating contractor in

Lagemann Services is an industrial and also commercial painting and coating contractor. We have more than 15 years of experience working with painting and coating. Our team works on industrial and cryogenic tanks, air separation plants, pipes, skids and other structures vital to the bulk gas and air separation industry. Apart from painting, we also specialize in cryogenic tank scaffolding, de-icing and fireproofing.


Our cost

Our cost-effective painting and coating services keep the corrosion in your facilities at bay, so your equipment lasts longer. This helps reduce the need for costly repairs, mitigates structural problems and renders your business premises or industrial plants safer for everyone.


We service the entire country. Most of our services are located on the West Coast in States like, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and many more, but also as we continue to grow, and add staff our presence on the East Coast in States like, Florida, Georgia, New York, South Dakota, and many more.

We have a team of professionals that work focused on tank painting for more than 15 years. We know what we do, and you can trust our quality. That's why we have firm relations with our clients for more than a decade. Contact us today and get a Free quote to paint industrial tanks and pipes.

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Our Providors

We carefully choose the best products, and only work with high quality products. We have done studies and understand the best way to paint your equipment to protect it and make it look brand new.


Our team in


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